Esteban shares experience with his fans in a Q&A session!



After the Spanish Grand Prix, Esteban Gutiérrez took some time to answer some questions his fans have sent him through twitter.

It was an amazing experience and Esteban really enjoyed to be up close and personal with his followers. Want to know what they asked? Keep reading and you’ll find some very interesting questions made in this session.



Four races, four finished, one fastest lap, one penalty; is it a good balance?

Esteban Gutiérrez:  It definitely is a good balance. We have managed to make progress in different aspects and to be honest I feel happy with this result. Not counting that we did not score any points a race like this produces very good information so we can continue making progress as a team.



What was the feeling the first time you drove a single seater?

EG: It is a very special feeling, to drive a big car at the limit is very special and I knew I loved it since the first time I drove one.



Did the new rear wing make the difference?

EG: It made a difference in terms of stability in curves because we had the problem that we had very little room for mistakes and now the new wing has helped us to improve there; the downside is that we lost straight speed and now we have to work on that to improve speed and keep stability. That is why it was so difficult to overtake.



How does it feel to be leading a race?

EG: For some time I did not know I was leading, but it was a great feeling to do the lap times we were doing, and to enjoy the car with clean air ahead.



Do you think the car can compete against the top teams and do you think it has what it takes so you can improve?

EG: It would be a challenge really, I think we lack qualifying speed; that is something we need to improve to start from a better position because if we start at the front and we do what we did last time out we could finish better, but you have to be consistent through the weekend, not only in qualifying or the race.



How does it feel to record the fastest lap?

EG: For every driver it is important to be quick and knowing that today I was the fastest on the track was very special, a step forward and thanks to the team because we really have worked together on the details to adapt the car to my driving style.



How do you feel when you are racing? Do you like the support Mexican fans give you?

EG: Definitely, their support is very special and the fact that they are here and share my comments is very special for me. I hope you are enjoying the races.



Define the Formula 1 with one word

EG: Interesting

There are many variables, many experiences, a lot of competition; you have to be at the limit and to get to know yourself as a person when you reach those limits is very interesting.



Did the modifications they did on the car worked for you?

EG: Yes, very mucho. This really is a step forward, something that really is proportional to what our rivals did; we are going to improve even more to close the gap.



What do you expect from Monaco?

EG: Monaco is the most special race, because driving between those walls with all that atmosphere of a very prestigious race, driving on those streets is an adventure and something I really want to enjoy. You have to keep your head together and move forward.



How would you describe the atmosphere of Formula 1?

EG: It is a very small world, many people here are involved, we go together everywhere, it is an interesting atmosphere, nice.



What do you think of all the complaining about the tires, is it true that they fall apart?

EG: Under certain conditions they have, I think they are good tires with certain characteristics that are there because that is something F1 wanted to have, a lot of strategy, that is how it is right now and we have to make the most out of it.



What would be your colors of choice if you had your own team?

EG: That’s a very interesting question. I don’t know (laughs), I’d have to think about it. It’d be an original color, golden would probably be nice.


Were you lacking confidence?

EG: No, when you risk and make mistakes it is difficult to keep the target but in the end that is what makes the difference, dedication and determination; there is a solution for everything, you just have to stop and look for the solution.



Do you think Mexico will host a Formula 1 GP in the future?

EG: I’d love to see that, it’d be very special, like it was for Fernando in Barcelona; to win at home would be incredible for us.



How do you feel about beating your team mate?

EG: My team mate is a very consistent driver, a very quick driver and a big reference for me. My goal was to be as fast as he is and truth be told we had the best weekend, we were consistent, fast, and to have achieved this result is simply a big step forward.



Have you dreamed of having a Grand Prix in Monterrey?

EG: Yes, I definitely have dreamed about it.



What is the most impressive aspect of Formula 1 compared to other series?

EG: Formula 1 is a very complex series, the teams are huge and every aspect of it involves a lot of people; you have to analyze many different aspects to get to understand the different components and to use those components according to the driving style of each driver. I did that this weekend, looking at the details helped us very much.



What caused your accident in the GP of China?

EG: I miscalculated the braking point, it was my mistake, one from which I leaned a lot and that is what matters. We all make mistakes, what matters is to recognize them and to improve from that.



What do you like more about Barcelona?

EG: What I like most are the first and second sectors, they have fast corners, it is interesting in qualifying and in the race because it is one of the circuits where overtaking is very difficult.


What is your relationship with Checo Pérez?

EG: I spent a lot of time with him during the past two years and now is the same and we get along very well. People can think there is a big rivalry between us but he is with a big team and for me this is only my first year. We must have respect for each other, not only Checo but for all the other drivers as well.



How does it feel to be at 300k/h?

EG: It is on the corners where you feel the speed more, the ability a Formula One car has to turn at high speed is what makes it so special.



How do you get along with Fernando Alonso?

EG: As a driver he is a consistent and a very fast driver as we were able to see in the race, he is one of the best; as a person, I don’t know him very well but I think he is a nice guy.


Supersoft and soft compounds are the ideal choice for Monaco?

EG: I think in Monaco will be very important to have very soft tires because the track is not made for racing, it is a street course and therefore the pavement is less abrasive, which is why we should use soft tires and make the most out of them.


This session was made in spanish but we are planning to do another one in english, how about it? would you like to be in one and ask Esteban something about Formula 1? What’s your favorite platform? Twitcam, Google Hangout, Twitcasting? Do you know of another one? Let us know about your impressions in the comments below!


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